The cross-border communication will have lot of data transfers. The below system will help to manage the data transfer process maintaining the professional standards and confidentiality.

Usage of Cloud Systems/Server– We propose to use cloud systems where the data is stored in cloud server. The advantages of using this methodology are

  • Secure systems, applications and software will be installed in the cloud server. This could prevent the local data storage and comply with data privacy laws.
  • Tracking work flow process, every task will have a detailed report on number of hours spent on each work. This helps in effective billings process and resource management.
  • Sharing of documents will be in cloud with specific restricted user. Storage and retrieval will be lot easier and faster.

Physical security – All the employees will have no access to smart devices including mobile phone during work hours. Designated VOIP number to be allocated. The premises to have CCTV monitoring throughout the day.

  • The systems will not have access to printers, external mails and external devices like CD rom and USB port.

A detailed data privacy report will be provided along with the service agreement.