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Establishing an in-house team to manage your accounts receivables and payables can be time-consuming, costly, and inefficient. As a leading outsourced accountant firm, Thedger offers an elite combination of experts, technologies, and processes to help businesses addressing the challenges pertaining to account receivables and payables management processes. 

Tracking account receivables and payables is a daunting task, especially without a resourceful team to help you with. Our outsourced accounting team works closely with you to manage the collection and payable activities without disturbing the relationship with your business partners, vendors, and customers. With our industry-specific expertise, we implement the best practices that considerably improve your cash flows and working capital in a short time. 

Our Scope Of Services:

  • Invoice creations, processing, and updating 
  • Account receivable records updating on receipts
  • Dealing with partial payments
  • Preparing account statements
  • Predicting cash flow based on unsettled receivables 
  • Updating accounting system based on bills, purchase order and receipts
  • Recommendation on premature payment
  • Payment instructions
  • Timely reporting for the unpaid amount of supplies
  • Analysis of payables aging and price trends.
  • Preparation of BAS 
  • Payroll processing services
  • Resolving issues for unauthorized receipt of goods, mismatching bills, computational errors, etc.

If you need any specific accounting services, you can reach our outsourced accountant firm by calling  03 8595 9796.

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