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Georgia, Azerbaijan debate control of ancient monastery’s area

Georgia, Azerbaijan debate control of ancient monastery’s area

To hang about the churches into the Georgian region, Tbilisi has recommended giving Azerbaijan an up to now in public unspecified section from Georgian land nearby the Azerbaijani edging

An unresolved edging ranging from Georgia and you can Azerbaijan have place not as much as concern one of many Southern Caucasus’s most significant social and you will spiritual landmarks, this new medieval David-Gareja monastery cutting-edge, based in Georgia and you may Azerbaijan.

Place in semi-wilderness some 70 miles the southern area of away from Tbilisi over the Georgian edging having Azerbaijan and within Azerbaijan right, the brand new state-of-the-art, which contains an abundant line of cavern frescoes, has been a site to have argument and also for contemplation, since that time framework first started in the 6th millennium.

A lot more monasteries, particular almost unreachable and mainly wrecked, also are on Georgian area. Azerbaijan gets the monastery out-of Bertubani, which features frescoes of your own legendary twelfth-13th millennium Georgian Queen Tamara and her son, Giorgi IV.

However, which is to control brand new David-Gareja monastery? If the Soviet Union laid out the limitations within following Soviet republics away from Azerbaijan and Georgia, the fresh new monastery state-of-the-art was separated in two. Continue reading “Georgia, Azerbaijan debate control of ancient monastery’s area”